Door-to-Door Shipping

We at DIJ understand factors accompanying door to door shipping and the pricing per volume of goods as well as all the shipping rates and the critical freight considerations when selecting the most cost-effective mode for your door-to-door shipping. Accordingly, DIJ freight specialists will work closely with you to customize transportation solutions for your door-to-door shipping Canada using the latest freight forwarding technology and freight management strategies so that you can rest easy knowing that we’ll arrange and manage the freight forwarding, consolidation, deconsolidation, and distribution of your goods throughout its journey.

DIJ Freight Forwarding Inc specializes in offering comprehensive international door-to-door shipping services and logistical solutions. With a focus on efficiency and reliability, we adeptly handle a diverse range of cargo sizes, encompassing small, standard, and large shipments. Our streamlined processes ensure swift customs clearance, facilitating seamless transportation via land, air, and sea freight routes. We cater to various global trade corridors, including routes from China to Canada and Toronto, Canada to Canada, India to Canada, Dubai to Canada, as well as Turkey to Toronto and Canada, among others.