We provide cost-effective solutions for all your cargo shipping needs whether by land, air, or sea. Our team of experts will work with you to choose the best route and method transportation for your particular shipment.

Based in Toronto, Canada, we have a wide network of partners and agents across the globe that we work closely with to provide you with the best possible service. Nothing is or too small for our team - we have the experience and expertise to handle any type of shipment. DIJ has a profoundly built relationship with all major shipping lines which e us to offer competitive rates and efficient services.

Covering the northern hemisphere, we are delighted to announce that DIJ Shipping Inc. located in Ontario, Canada is now ready to handle international shipments and door to door basis as the most exclusive agent of Dijla Company.

“Aspire to be a leader in delivering premier and rational logistics solutions, productively accomplish the end to end shipment services systematically and relieve the clients from the inconvenient shipment procedures by reassuring the most sustainable and acceptable logistics solutions, which are both competitive and suitable”.

We are committed to safeguard the interest of our clients and ensure our success through the establishment of global alliances. We trust that our clients are the key catalysts and dynamic game changers for our growth. We strongly believe in designing a proposition, which would meet the demand of the clients appropriately and reasonably.

  • Our priorities – finding the right solutions and delivering the shipments flexibly and transparently to ensure the comfort and satisfaction of the customer.
  • Innovation in solutions – Discover the right solutions in a timely and distinctive way to ensure our excellence and continuity
  • Ethical and transparent work – we aim to be honest & transparent in all our businesses & dealings with all clients
  • Smooth delivery – Adopting an appropriate approach to deliver all goods and services promptly.
  • Team work – Working as a team and sharing opinions and cultures are the principles of our development.