Improve your shipment experience with DIJ reliable, flexible shipping customs support

Shipping with the DIJ  comes with the option of customs clearance Canada solutions to ensure you obtain the permission needed to either load your export cargo or release your import shipments in Toronto, for in today’s competitive environment and burgeoning e-commerce industry, speedy, flexible and reliable delivery is more important than ever and one of the key reasons for delivery delays is non-compliance with customs clearance regulations.

When shipping goods internationally, it’s imperative to ensure they are cleared through customs quickly. As a custom clearance brokerage company, we ensure shipments are cleared Faster, Easier, and with Less Hassle. Actually, by doing our homework on your destination market we DIJ will ensure smooth customs processing and reduce the risk of any delays from customs clearance. Trust DIJ to deliver headache-free clearance that includes and not excludes seamless regulatory compliance, “Wheels Up” in-air clearance, priority clearance from Canada and Toronto within one-hour, bonded warehouses in all regions, 24/7 customer service, online shipment tracking, reporting, documentation management and more!

So why don’t you boost delivery times with DIJ cost-effective, seamless customs clearance services that works on eliminating on-the-ground delays with its six-point Wheels Up clearance process that can improve cargo transit times by as much as one full day for Toronto air imports. DIJ licensed customs brokerage transmits shipment data within two hours after takeoff for in-the-air Toronto customs clearance. Not only this, but also to improve your shipment experience with DIJ reliable, flexible shipping customs support, DIJ's in-house customs brokerage team keeps our customers in strict compliance with federal agencies including and not excluding Canadian Food and Drug Administration, Canadian Department of Agriculture, Department of Transportation, Environmental Protection Agency and Fish and Wildlife Service and coordinates with these and other government agencies for import and export compliance. To that end, DIJ is also a member of the Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism.

DIJ’s customs brokerage team is committed to helping your freight cross borders easily and quickly. Accordingly, we have developed a range of additional customs clearance services to ensure your cargo is safe, transported quickly and cleared easily — every step of the way. These additional services include and not exclude 10+2 Importer Security Filing (ISF), Remote Location Filing (RLF), bonded warehouse locations, Temporary Importation under Bond (TIB), carnet issuances, validations, and cancellations, risk management with incoterms and automated broker interface which includes real-time status tracking, document retention and Purchase Order (PO) Management and with our centralized compliance team and licensed brokers throughout Canada and Toronto, DIJ prevents clearance issues and keeps your shipments on time.

Well, as a freight forwarder DIJ acts on behalf of importers and exporters to move goods and cargo freight through the supply chain engaging shipping companies to transport goods and ship from producers to manufacturers and on to the final market or customer and as thus shipping with condensed customs clearance fee from China to Canada, China to Toronto, India to Canada, Dubai to Canada, Turkey to Toronto, Turkey to Canada, and so forth. DIJ handles your freight shipping, Canada customs clearance, customs clearance Toronto and provides as your customs clearance Toronto from China to Canada. DIJ has this experience in spades, allowing it to serve producers throughout the nation.

Enhance your cross-border delivery experience with industry-leading shipping customs supports

Since every country has different paperwork requirements needed for international shipping and clearance, from a certificate of origin, bill of landing and air waybill to others, DIJ as a custom clearance brokerage company will prepare all necessary documentation for your shipment from common customs clearance documents, to commercial invoice, packing list, freight forwarder’s declaration and customs declaration to ensure that all of the required documents are included in your shipment and are accurate in order for you to avoid customs clearance delays. If there are any discrepancies or missing information, it can result in your shipment being held up at customs.

Deliveries are often undervalued in order to pay fewer taxes to the customs authorities. However, there are a few reasons why you should declare the value of goods accurately when shipping. First, if you don’t declare the value of the goods, you could end up paying taxes on a higher value than what the goods are actually worth. Second, inaccurate declarations can lead to delays in customs clearance. Finally, inaccurate declarations can also lead to fines and other penalties. At DIJ we declare the actual value of your goods and the total value of the shipped product for all imported goods to accurately compute any duties or taxes owed to the government so that you will not fall to delays and hefty taxes, fines and other penalties.

Actually, a complete description of the goods being shipped should be declared clearly on the packaging, for providing vague descriptions such as “apparel” instead of “ladies’ dresses” might result in customs delays, so we at DIJ make sure to give precise details of what’s inside all the packages. At DIJ we provide packages with accurate, exact and complete details like the full name and addresses of the receiver so that when you’re shipping items through customs, it will have clear and accurate labeling for this will help to ensure that there are no delays in processing the customs clearance. Providing accurate and complete information will also help to avoid any confusion or misunderstandings.

Enhance your cross-border delivery experience with industry-leading shipping customs supports and connect with an DIJ’s worldwide logistics experts at one of our more than 100 offices worldwide to get started on your custom solution today. At DIJ we can provide additional options alongside customs clearance and we’re much more than a customs broker. In fact, teaming with us gives you access to end-to-end support across a range of transportation logistics solutions, including and not excluding inside pickup and delivery service, dangerous, hazardous materials transport, oversized cargo, residential delivery, white glove delivery options, merge-in-transit service, intermodal transportation, reverse logistics, consolidation, hand carry, ground shipping and distribution and much more!