Freight Forwarding Power

Freight Forwarding Power

Nowadays with the complexity of international shipping being at high and with it the regulations, permits, paperwork, transportation, insurance, warehousing and others, all companies shipping cargo are seeking the freight forwarders services. Freight forwarding is an essential part of any business that generates revenue from selling and getting products to their customers on time. Accordingly, harness the power of efficient freight forwarding with these important tips below:  

  1. Customs Brokers and Freight Forwarders  

Two of your closest partners, customs brokers and freight forwarders have vastly different roles, but they work closely together to get the job done right likewise:

  • Freight forwarders move goods from A to B and customs brokers ensure that your goods undergo a seamless bureaucratic journey to its destination country.
  • Customs brokers make sure that your products meet the necessary regulatory requirements, are packaged correctly, are labeled adequately and all taxes, duties, and fees have been paid. 
  • They are also well versed with any changes in the regulations and legislation of the country that you wish to ship your goods to. 
  • Connected and Curious

Hence to be better connected and curious, you go to a professional for advice and that is the Freight Forwarder for:

  • Shipping and transporting goods can be overwhelming when you try to do it all by yourself.  
  • Although your freight forwarding company may know all the ins and outs of the industry, connections and the curiosity for more connections is the backbone of a solid and successful long-term logistics plan. 
  • You are not only paying for a forwarder’s expertise but the instrumental connections that come along with it. 
  • Tackling Delays

Tackling delays is also handled by Freight Forwarders likewise:

  • Delays can occur when shipping goods, and the freight forwarding company is not to blame when it does happen. 
  • Most causes, inclement weather, port delays, and mechanical problems, are out of your freight forwarder’s control. 
  • However, they are there to help you get through the problems. 
  • Industry Certification and Memberships

As things are always changing, even veterans of the shipping industry can benefit from keeping up with the latest news likewise:

  • Knowing that your freight forwarding partner has their certification and memberships currently adds confidence and trust to your relationship. 
  • Partners in Protection (PIP) is a cooperative program between the private industry and CBSA that focuses on improving border security and trade chain security.  
  • The Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association provides its members with the most up to date information relating to their industry.
  • The Process of Freight Forwarding

Whether you are importing or exporting goods or require LTL/FTL services, freight forwarders are here to help with these important steps to the process of freight forwarding:

  1. Export haulage – Moving the cargo from the location of the shipper to the warehouse of the freight forwarder. Reliable trucking companies in BC will be able to provide consistent service to start things off right.
  2. Checkpoint at Freight Forwarder – This step ensures that all goods have arrived at the warehouse in good order.
  3. Customs Clearance – Obtaining clearance to leave its country of origin.
  4. Origin Handling – shipment is unloaded and the goods are crosschecked against the booking documents.
  5. Import Customs Clearance – Port authorities verify that all customs documents are in order.
  6. Destination Handling – Transporting the cargo to the destination warehouse.
  7. Import Haulage – Moving the goods from the warehouse to its final destination with the help of local trucking companies. 
  8. What You Need to Know Before Importing Goods into Canada?

There are things you need to know before importing goods into Canada from Vancouver’s top leaders in the trucking and warehousing industry! These are:

  • Freight forwarders play an important role when it comes to moving goods and are essentially the travel agents of your precious cargo. 
  • Whether by way of rail, sea, air, or truck, they ensure that your shipment moves from point of origin to point of destination at the correct time, at the right location, in good condition, and at the most economical cost.  
  • These freight forwarders being Vancouver’s leaders in the trucking and warehousing industry and in such close proximity to Canada’s largest port, you can rest assured knowing that their extensive knowledge of the freight forwarding sector and their commitment to their customers will help your business thrive. 
  • Contact them today for more information and to see their newly expanded 100,000s square foot facilities!
  • The 5 hitherto stated things you need to know about freight forwarding
  • The 5 hitherto stated things you need to know about freight forwarding in Canada

There are many ways to optimize and improve international shipments from consolidation to arranging cross-docking, but if you plan to utilize all, we DIJLA would be happy to help you choose the right pallets, properly secure your shipment, and handle anything from custom packaging to customs clearance.

That is why DIJLA helps companies manage their shipping logistics so that shipping times can be optimized. We provide shipping solutions at every level of the shipping process so you can get the most out of your shipping budget without needing to deal with the hassle of complex shipping procedures. 

What about allocating the whole process to one of the most well-known shipping companies globally that combines freight shipping, supply chain management, shipment tracking and other services, with a solid understanding of shipping methods and insurance, as well as a good grasp of overseas markets and regulations and equipped with specific qualifications involving the transportation of hazardous materials, oversized cargo or dangerous goods?

Indeed, it relieves you from doing thorough research from the start to see where your international shipping niche might be, paying lump sums when you can manage your budget and spend and the hectic of perceiving this hazardous chain.

DIJLA who is highly regarded for its shipment services to all Iraqi provinces and manages shipping documents for Iraq customs, is ready to provision the whole process for you from freight forwarding to shipping and logistics services, land transporting services, custom clearance services and door to door delivering services with the aforementioned specializations and qualifications and the handling of all these concerns to ensure your goods will reach safe and get imported to the destined customers efficiently.

From a modest beginning in 2011, DIJLA today boasts of working with reputed partnerships, an internationally accredited matrix of agencies that warrant us to extend effective services across the globe. From the list of shipping companies in Dubai, DIJLA Shipping & Freight Forwarding L.L.C is a leading Logistics and Shipping company since 2011. With offices in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, China, Iraq, we provide the art of international Door-to-Door shipping services, Air Freight, Sea Freight, Transportation services and logistics services. We manage and deliver globally different sizes of cargo, from small to standard to big sizes, with effectiveness and accuracy in order to meet the highest levels of Customer satisfaction. Our team comprises the wizards from the logistics industry who possess cognizance, acumen and foresight about this industry.


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